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Flash Geometry Wars Flash Geometry Wars

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Colors and graphics are good. Would they be less chaotic and maybe smaller in a bigger playground then I would consider them to be even great.
Explosions should NOT be as prominent as living enemies - its confusing and chaotic!

Chaotic is actually the biggest problem of your game!
Very chaotic and too fast gameplay- at least at the beginning. A game should give the player the required time to learn how to play and to adjust to the controls and graphics.
Also the " how to play" button is by far too small (why the hell is it smaller than the other writing? ).

Slow it down, make it a little bit less chaotic and stuffed with animation and you you'll get a good- very good game.

Overall 6/10

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The Neverland Apples The Neverland Apples

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Well, actually I don't think so.
The idea is (partly) funny if you would use it in a context.
Gameplay is bad. You get bored even before you die....
No satisfactory goal that would explain the bad gameplay (like in Hentai games: Bad gameplay but the player plays it because of the rewards; ofc some have a great gameplay but only very few).

Overall 2/5 (at least it works without bugs)
Overall 2/ 10 ( same reason as above)

Skinny Skinny

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very impressive!

Great graphics, lot like FEIST but still great.

Your character has got a little bit too much movement. If you would reduce the uncontrolled movements of his arms and body parts, it would be easier for the player to control the character.

Also there is a small problem with the hook. Its not very precise, at the beginning it was horrible, but it settled after a while. Maybe this is a problem of my computer.
Strange is also the fact, that the character stops movement while extruding his arm. If you click fast enough its possible to stand still in the air.
It would be nicer if you could change this, but I guess it would be a lot of work to do so.

Overall a very nice little game with a great graphic quality and great ideas. Just a little refinement and it would be awesome!
9 out of 10